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Document Review

Immigration Document Review

Immigration lawyers assists clients with all immigration cases including identifying the forms and researching solutions for each type of case. We have handled cases where clients have attempted complete their immigration document/submit themselves with the hopes that they will save money. This actions led to delays in their cases due to not adequately filling out their paperwork, request for information (RFE) demanded by the government due to inadequate supporting document submission, reapplying from scratch of their application due to not delay in responding to the RFE. At the end of the day, the amount of money spent ends up being the same amount any attorney would have charged them in the first place.  If you are confident about your ability to prepare immigration paperwork and just want additional reassurance from our expert immigration lawyers that you paperwork is in order, then immigration document review service might be a good option for you. We always recommend to our clients to start the full immigration process with an immigration attorney vs. doing it themselves but if confident then we can only cover document review


Let us help you avoid these mistakes while saving you money. Will you like peace of mind that a attorney has reviewed your documents for accuracy? Let us help you.

Note: the document review service is strictly document review. You still represent yourself with USCIS, you will need to submit/file/process everything with USCIS; you are in control of all your documents. 

How it works

  1. Send an email to indicating that you want your immigration documents reviewed. Provide a summary of what your immigration  issue is e.g. Family based, change of status etc and indicate how many immigration forms you have for review
  2. We will send a confirmation email for you to submit your documents for review.
  3. You will email all immigration forms and supporting documents; note if file size is too large you can share your files with us on Google Drive
  4. Once we all your documents have been received, we will send you an email confirming the number and title of each document sent
  5. We will send you an invoice for your flat fee of $350 for document review (to be paid online), we will also set up a meeting  to go over your documents (your invoice will be have to be paid off before our meeting)
  6. The meeting will be an hour meeting to go over your forms and documents line by line
  7. Note you are expected to bring copies of every document you sent us to the meeting so that you are able to note all recommended correction/revision on your copy
  8. You will also be provided with the following:
    • A detailed analysis of the documents under review
    • An outline of any potential issues and inconsistencies (we will point out if any documents need to be added)
    • A review of fees and addresses the paperwork and payment needs to be submitted to
  9. Lastly, our attorney will also answer relevant legal questions on expected processing times and immigration interview expectations


Benefits of using our immigration document review service

  1. Cost savings for you
  2. An immigration lawyer professionally reviews your immigration documents and forms
  3. Reduced chances of requests for evidence by the USCIS or notices of denials due to missing or incomplete information
  4. Your questions answered by the attorney including tips on preparing for an interview with USCIS